Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Prosperity Story

Loving life as usual!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business?

As I was meditating this morning, I thought about what a luxury it is to be able sit and allow my mind to communicate with God. In my former life (nurse with a corporate boss), I knew exactly how many minutes I could spend in the morning on certain activities like drinking coffee, devotions, eating breakfast, showering, blow drying my hair and getting dressed. To be on time at work, I knew the exact minute I had to be in my car turning the key! Since leaving that world for my amazingly simply business at home, I can spend as much time as I like on my morning activities.

This is such an empowering way to live! I believe we were created to live with this kind of freedom. Our minds are so powerful and creative as long as they are not filled with thoughts of what must be done or what needs to be done right now. Of course, I am aware of time - I have a calendar and a clock. There are events I wouldn't miss for anything, like our daily Wake-Up-to-Success Call at 11 AM with Tony Rush and Kevin Knecht. There is also the Blackbelt Marketing Call with John Lavenia on Monday nights and Shane Krider's leadership call on Fridays at 5 PM. Then there are social events and conferences. All of these things matter to me because I choose to make them a priority. They energize rather than exhaust. We all deserve to live energized rather than exhausted, don't you think?

Do I have a to-do list for today? You bet. Everyday there are certain things I want to achieve. I am in the business of assisting others to tap into their inner potential and discover their passion and purpose in life. Many people are afraid to even think it possible to live a life of freedom and abundance. The power's-that-be in this world don't understand how much better and productive everyone is when operating from a place of free-will and unbridled enthusiasm. God certainly understands that. He put into our hearts and souls these dreams, desires, and the freedom to live life as we choose.

So, what are people waiting for? If you need someone's permission to step away from the pack and achieve the outrageous goals you've thought were impossible, you have mine. I am so grateful I found a whole community of people who are doing just that. They have taken me by the hand and led me into a world I never realized existed. And now that I'm there, I never plan to go back to a restricted, limited life again. Jump in. I'll be here to show you the way as you start your own business as a means to freedom and abundance.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why The Fear About Starting A Home Business?

Since so many people say they want to work from home, why does there seem to be so much fear concerning the idea of starting a home business? My guess is that there are a number of reasons. For one, human beings have been conditioned to be suspicious of everyone and everything overing hope because of the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is." It saddens me to think of all the missed opportunities in life because people succumbed to fear rather than faith that success and happiness are indeed possible.

Another reason people are afraid is simply because they would have to do something they've not done before. However, if we all look back on our lives, everything we've done we had to do for the first time at some point, right? Examples are crawling, walking, riding a bicycle, writing a paper, starting a job, etc. But we did it and soon learned it really wasn't as big a deal as we had imagined. It's the same with starting a home business. When you look around and see that thousands of people are happy and successful working a business from home, then there's every reason to believe that you also can be happy and successful doing the same thing.

For me, the scary part was that I had never been self-employed before - except for that brief time in the early '80s when I was a Mary Kay Consultant. Maybe that's another issue for some people - either they or someone they know "tried" a home based business in the past and didn't achieve the success they desired. Thank goodness I faced my fear and decided that the possibility of success outweighed my fear of failure. After all, I was the reason I didn't succeed the first time. Mary Kay is still a thriving business with many successful consultants.

Granted, there have always been fly-by-night companies that offer no real substance to their promises. However, due diligence includes talking to people who have actually succeeded in a company - lots of people - and reveals a company's merits. That is certainly the case with the company we work with - Liberty League International. It's almost 8 years old and growing like crazy. This only happens when people of high integrity are at the helm.

My personal goal is to assist anyone who desires to take their life to a new level. And I am eager to assist them today, not tomorrow. Anyone can find an excuse not to do something. I challenge you to find one reason to do something and do it today. The life change will be dramatic. Otherwise, one stays stuck in fear. Only the brave achieve their true dreams. I'm really glad I overcame my fear of starting a home business!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Doesn't Everyone Want A Simple Home Business That Really Works?

What could be more perfect than making a substantial income doing what you love? Sadly enough, most people in today's world don't think this is possible. Many express an interest in making a great income from home but stop short of making the decisions required to make it happen. Making the decision is actually the hardest part of the process.

Our pastor has been doing a sermon series on 30 Days and No Regrets. The idea is to evaluate what you would do differently if you learned you had 30 days to live. I was a little surprised and saddened to see the number of hands raised when asked who would quit their job. The biggest surprise was that our pastor also raised his hand!!

The world economy in the 21st century has definitely changed. With downsizing and outsourcing, many white collar and middle management people are finding themselves unemployed. Enterprising entrepreneurs are quickly rising to the top of the home business field. Ours is a product based business with a multiple six figure income potential.

This is a perfect time for anyone who is not satisfied with their job. Thousands of people are starting a home-based business everyday. Life is way too short, hopefully longer than 30 days however, to spend it doing an unfulfilling job. If you would have raised your hand in our church service this morning, take a look at your priorities. I did and no longer work the job that ate my time and life with too little in return.

We were all created for joy and abundance in life. I firmly believe it is the work of The Accuser to convince us that life is a struggle and work is hard. Our creator is loving and giving. We dishonor our very lives by spending them in misery and lack. My mission is to encourage every person I meet to live a life of purpose and prosperity.

To your purpose and prosperity.
Sandra Hayes

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Amazingly Perfect Day

Today is an amazingly perfect day in so many ways. The weather and the fact that I am totally in control of my time and activities all contribute to my sense of well-being. I am remembering a time about 10 or 11 years ago when our family was vacationing at this very spot. I was working as a nurse in Florida and our girls were still in High School. I sat on the deck of our cottage here by the lake and visualized myself working on my computer from this very spot. And here I sit today! It is so powerful to realize we can create any situation and outcome we desire.

My husband and I had a delicious and nutritious breakfast after which I worked on getting our garden plot prepared for the plants soon to grow there. Growing our own organic vegetables has also been a dream I had pushed to the back burner for lack of time. Now that we work our own business from home, we exercise more and eat a far better diet than we did when we worked full time for someone else.

Another perfect event that occurred today was a call from our daughter in Florida. We chat often and are in the process of planning our next bit of time together. When I was employee, both in Florida and here in South Carolina, I had to budget and beg for time off to visit relatives or take a vacation. In fact, we usually combined the two to maximize our time. Now I visit both our daughters every month or two. This is especially important since I want to make sure my 3 grandchildren know me as the Nana who is both familiar and fun.

Now I'm hard at work. Getting ready to call a gentleman in Greece who is interested in changing his status from employee to business owner. I spoke with him briefly last evening on Skype and he was at work finishing a project - it was 2:00 AM his time! It will be 10 PM in Greece when I call him back because he had another long day of work to complete first.

How about your day? Has it been as amazingly perfect as mine? If not, think about the reasons. If it's a job you don't enjoy, contact me. If more money would give you more options, contact me. I may not answer the phone or your email immediately, but I will soon. I'm in and out of my office here on the porch often.

To your perfect day,
Sandra Hayes

Monday, April 13, 2009

How I Learned This Simple Home Business

Today is traditionally known as Easter Monday. Most Christian churches officially celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ yesterday. I am so grateful for His sacrifice and victory over sin and death in order that I may live an empowered and confident life. Even though I have known Jesus all my life, I continued to live in fear and slavery until two years ago. We attended a Liberty Conference and heard Andy Andrews speak for the first time. His words inspired me to "burn the boats" of so-called job security and become an entrepreneur along with Ed. Since I had never really done this before, I had to learn how to think differently.

You see, one of our little heard of basic needs is the need for time structuring. In order to thrive and feel productive as human beings, we must have some structuring of our activities. Otherwise, we just wander aimlessly in our thoughts and actions with no clear purpose. When we sell our time to an employer, this need is taken care of for us. We are told what time to report to work, what time to take a break, when to eat lunch and when we can go home. Of course, the job itself dictates how we spend our time working. As a nurse in a busy family practice clinic, I was quite good at multi-tasking as I feverishly evaluated and cared for the patients in our office, while answering telephone messages at every available moment. I went home at the end of 10 1/2 hours totally exhausted, only to do the same thing the next day.

The fact that I had little say-so in how to spend my working hours was bad enough. Worse than that was the paucity of vacation time I was allowed. Like so many people of the 21st century, I felt little control over my situation. After all, there are bills to pay and a retirement to plan for, right? How had I allowed myself to sell my time, which represents my life, for so little in return? (Basically a very small paycheck) Is there security in slavery? Yes, knowing there will be enough money to survive at a basic level. Is there freedom to dream, travel, visit, and be inspired by God and others? Not when the master is a boss with a narrow agenda. We were all created for a great purpose. And we only have a brief amount of time to realize and achieve that purpose.

My main purpose is to glorify my creator with my life, which isall that I think, say and do. As a part of this purpose, I seek to share this knowledge with all who have ears to hear. As a home based business entrepreneur, I market myself as a leader with an answer. Millions of people worldwide are eager to find a way to free themselves from slavery and live their true purpose. Having found that way myself, I am ready to share what I know. God showed me a better way. He opened my eyes to the freedom He wants me to have over my life and time. Money is a tool for making things happen so of course He wants us to have as much as we can be good stewards of in order to achieve our divine purpose.

The way I learned to make such a radical change in my life was to become a product of our 90 day personal development home study course. I continue to be a student of this course even after 3 years! I can't say that about any of the undergraduate or graduate courses I have taken! And then I attended the Liberty and Summit Conferences to take myself to even higher levels. It really is that simple and how I learned to have phenomenal success in this home business. I am closer to God, to my husband, and people in general than ever. What a powerful way to live! We all deserve this life.

To your purpose and power!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amazingly Simple For Those Open To New Possibilities

The current economic crisis/recession is not a new phenomenom. Throughout history, changes in the supply and demand of goods and services has necessitated changes in thinking and behaving. Just look at the changes in the past century. Our country went from agricultural, to manufacturing, to technology as being the primary ways of earning money. Each time, people had to be willing to release the old in order to embrace and learn the new. Right now, more people than ever are embracing the idea of being home business entrepreneurs.

Every day, thousands of people worldwide start a home based business. I am the only person I can truly depend on to make sure my business succeeds and compensates me with the income I deserve. Family businesses have been overtaken by giants like Wal-Mart and Target. These large corporations then hire and fire people at will. There is no real loyalty on either side. Manufacturing jobs have been leaving the United States at a record pace for the past 30 years. My parents and grandparents depended on the textile industry to make a living - these plants closed and moved their operations overseas decades ago.

So what is the answer? We must have a new paradigm to create wealth for ourselves and our children. We first need a solid company with solid leadership and desirable products. Fads are not the answer. There are some excellent home-based businesses selling healthcare, cosmetics and household products. I personally don't want to stock, warehouse or ship products from my home. This greatly interferes with my freedom to travel. The profits on these products are relatively small and most of the companies are multi-level marketing, which means people share their profits with others.

These are the reasons our business makes so much sense to me and thousands of others worldwide. We deliver a tremendous service and product which far exceed their monetary cost. At the same time, our income opportunity is the most lucrative anywhere, with the training and tools to get people in a money-making position within days. Today, a multiple-six figure income is absolutely essential for a family to grow and thrive instead of struggle and just survive. This industry is at the forefront of this new wave of business for the 21st century. I am so blessed to be a part of it and to be able to offer the leadership for others as well.

It truly feels good and right to be able to show people a new and better way of thinking, living, and being productive in our world. Our lives are brief and we all want to make a real difference as we achieve our true purpose. To anyone who is open to a new possibilities, I stand ready to share our amazingly simple home businesss.

Blessings to you and success in whatever path you choose.